Rock bottom as a profession

An interesting link I received from a colleague and friend of mine. Here it is, after a few editions (of course) ———— link from DH —————— Haven’t made my mind up whether this is a smart way to motivate developers or whether we have now reached rock bottom as a serious profession.

Handy IDE

Projects in Visual Studio use references in order to include code from external DLLs. Obviously these references must have relative or absolute paths to the DLLs. You would think that if everything is fine and all references get resolved, you never worry about the paths. And if a reference is missing, you want your IDE to show you where […]

Lack of alternatives

I wonder if it’s just a project I’m working on now or it’s a nature of development in .NET. Whenever a technical challenge appears, things are being looked up on Internet and the first suggestion, fragment of code, which proves to work, is being used as a solution for the challenge. In such environment Java development seems to be […]