Rock bottom as a profession

An interesting link I received from a colleague and friend of mine. Here it is, after a few editions (of course)

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Haven’t made my mind up whether this is a smart way to motivate developers or whether we have now reached rock bottom as a serious profession. Personally, I’d pick severe punishment on breaking a build over this any day. Positive versus negative encouragement…

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…this is definitely the deep, deep bottom. However it might be not the bottom of our profession, but the bottom of its MS flavor.

I had quite some fun in December, when I had browsed through 100 out of 1700 pages of C#/VS book (check out review on and took C# proficiency test – the one that [XxXxX] uses during intake interviews. Results – “Viktor has scored higher than 90% of all test takers”. And I scored worse on the subjects, which were described on the first 100 pages!!!

My conclusion – the less you know, the more suitable for MS development you are and the more achievements you’ll get 😉

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