ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar is published approximately twice a year. The radar captures the output of the Technology Advisory Board’s discussions in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from CIOs to developers. This paper is very concise and it highlights the industry trends in categories of Techniques, Platforms, Tools and Frameworks/Languages.

Here is my personal take from November 2015 edition of the Radar – things, which triggered my attention and/or thoughts


  • Decoupling deployment from release – looks indeed like a way to give techies chances to keep deploying and let business people to control releases, communication around them. These releases should be be confused with releases of every single component in SCM
  • Automated infrastructure diagram – I’m totally agree. All information about the infrastructure is available in the infrastructure itself. Extract it and use it. This technique is exactly what is my deCrex application is about – extract available data and enrich it by cross matching
  • NoPSD is not really new. All details get known only when they are being implemented. However having sketches entire system helps not to get lots in these details. Invision is what I use
  • BEM – this is an interesting one. I’m glad to see the discipline of software development moving to operations with DevOps. BEM seems to be about adding discipline to front-end development. Long needed move
  • “Docker for builds sounds” promising and this is what I’d like to (and will) understand completely
  • I cannot comment of Flux (yet), but it’s impossible not to notice how developments in companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google influence the ways the entire software industry works. Is it good or bad? Is community actually free?

Platforms and Tools

  • Apache Mesos – follow me and Container Solutions and you’ll hear more
  • Consul is a crucial part, when applications are distributed using something like Apache Mesos
  • Docker Toolbox is a tool I use now daily
  • GitUp ! This is what I’ve been missing, so I installed right away… and yes, GIT can be very confusing ;(

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