Tooling for Software Development

I’d like to let you know about a new meetup I started recently – Tooling for Software Development. There are user groups and even entire conferences organized by vendors of software development tools, which perfectly promote visions of these vendors. However I failed to find a place where strong and weak sides of these products, […]

MySQL. Moving from 5.5 to 5.6

Yes, I realize, this is not the most exciting title you’ve seen. However the result is shocking !! I’ve got two similar pairs of JPA queries, which count entities matching a certain criteria and then select the first 50 of these entities. Here is the log demonstrating performance of these pairs of queries with MySQL […]

deCrex – Development Environment Cross Examiner

During the last year I’ve spent quite a number of evenings and weekends creating deCrex – Development Environment Cross Examiner. It’s a time to present it for your judgment. Take a look, shoot your questions, request features to implement next, suggest repositories and build servers for this demo installation. deCrex is an intranet application, which examines content and […]

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar is published approximately twice a year. The radar captures the output of the Technology Advisory Board’s discussions in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from CIOs to developers. This paper is very concise and it highlights the industry trends in categories of Techniques, Platforms, Tools and Frameworks/Languages. Here […]