Tooling for Software Development

I’d like to let you know about a new meetup I started recently – Tooling for Software Development. There are user groups and even entire conferences organized by vendors of software development tools, which perfectly promote visions of these vendors. However I failed to find a place where strong and weak sides of these products, […]

MySQL. Moving from 5.5 to 5.6

Yes, I realize, this is not the most exciting title you’ve seen. However the result is shocking !! I’ve got two similar pairs of JPA queries, which count entities matching a certain criteria and then select the first 50 of these entities. Here is the log demonstrating performance of these pairs of queries with MySQL […]

deCrex – Development Environment Cross Examiner

During the last year I’ve spent quite a number of evenings and weekends creating deCrex – Development Environment Cross Examiner. It’s a time to present it for your judgment. Take a look, shoot your questions, request features to implement next, suggest repositories and build servers for this demo installation. deCrex is an intranet application, which examines content and […]

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar is published approximately twice a year. The radar captures the output of the Technology Advisory Board’s discussions in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from CIOs to developers. This paper is very concise and it highlights the industry trends in categories of Techniques, Platforms, Tools and Frameworks/Languages. Here […]

The IDesign Method

Last Friday I participated in a new meet-up: The IDesign Method – System Design. The meet-up was organized by Jarkko Kemppainen, the Principal of IDesign Europe. The company has developed its own approach to design new system, which is available for download from their website. Here are a few interesting statements from the meet-up