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At JV-ration we believe Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery should be an easy to get and to use commodities.

If you produce physically tangible products, you are already in a luxury of not having to invent a way of transporting your goods to customers. You can simply choose to deliver them by road, sea or air. And, most probably, you simply use a transporting company services.

Software development industry is already quite mature, it exists for more than half of a century. Large and small software development companies write code for unique, different purposes. However all development companies need to convert their code into an executable software and to make sure it meets the given promises. Why are we still intend to invent our own sledges and carts for executing such common tasks?

At JV-ration we believe the wheels and engines of the builds are already invented. We know how to develop and build, we know how to deploy, we know how to test. Just buy the car you like, or lease it, or rent it. You can also car-pool or simply hire us to bring your software to live