In JV-ration we can write software and we do it for more than 20 years. However, the most importantly, we know how to turn the source code into the running application and we can help you to start doing it with minimum friction.

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The dynamism and speed of the market is constantly increasing. Every day you are expected to deliver better software faster and cheaper. For meeting these expectations automation of building, testing, deployment and monitoring processes is vital. This is where discipline of Continuous Delivery comes into the play.

Let’s have a conversation, discover and introduce first changes to build the right product of better quality, to speed up reliable releases and to satisfy your customer.

Viktor Sadovnikov

Viktor Sadovnikov, JV-ration owner, is a Platform Engineer with over 25 years of software development experience and Master Degree in Computer Science. Exceptional analytical skills, a problem-solving mentality, wide theoretical background and diverse work experience are a few of his differentiators.

His out-of-box practical thinking combined with the urge to improve application code, development process and operations/support/maintenance earned recognition among clients and colleagues.

Viktor’s profile with details of his experience is available for sneak preview on LinkedIn

Clients and Partners

ingIntroduction of Cruise Control build server for a project at ING Corporate Credit Risk Management in 2005 is our first experience with automation of software development process.

epamThis experience continued with using Atlassian Bamboo for builds and Apache Ant for scripting deployments at custom CMS project with Daadkracht and EPAM.

fiservFor Real Time Detection Engine java project at Fiserv we introduced Continuous Integration with code analysis, dependencies management based on Apache Ivy and automated deployments to IBM WebSphere. The success led to invitation to introduce a similar setup for .NET project, what has succeeded too.

triforkWorking together with Trifork at European Patent Office we introduced Common Build and Deployment Platform, which handles 5000+ build jobs to manage 4000+ Maven modules. Later at the same client we picked up development of Automated Deployment System and introduction of Automated Acceptance Testing for this system.

csCurrently we are working with Container Solutions and Cisco to ease use Docker and Apache Mesos for managing applications and resources at data centres. Our work became part of MANTL –  platform for cloud-native applications