Awesome idea

Ok, possibly, it’s the project I worked on for a couple of years (fraud detection in financial sector) makes me to spot such “awesome” ideas. This morning I heard on radio an ad about a site with service, which tells you how strong your password is.

I should also start such site for two reasons:

  1. User goes to the site and his IP address becomes known. He tests his password and combination of IP address and password becomes known. The chance the user uses this password on a few sites is high. Half of the job to access his data is done
  2. Just collecting passwords and selling their hit-parade statistics can be beneficial

Do you really want another site to tell you how strong your password is?

One thought on “Awesome idea

  1. I have seen another website which offers a service to check if your credit card number is not stolen. Just put your credit card number together with your name and a security code and it will give you an answer. I think it’s more profitable idea 🙂

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